Our practice

At Roodenburg general practice, we house three general practitioners, GP’s in training, and multiple assistants. Together, we aim to provide an informal, accessible environment.

Where you feel heard as a patient. And are always welcome with your question.

Meet our doctors

Our assistants

Our assistants are all certified to work in our practice. Not only do they support the family doctors, they are also trained to provide medical advice and handle certain small procedures. Our assistants are trained to advise and inform you to the best of their abilities. They will aim to answer your questions professionally or make an appointment with one of the doctors. In order to provide medically sound advice on the phone, they will ask you a number of questions. If possible, they will provide you with advice, make an appointment with a doctor, or refer you to a consultation online.

Miranda Boezaard

Marie-José Hoonhout

Patricia Janssen

Constanza Opdam

Doctor E.G. Roelofs




Replacement doctor

If your family doctor is absent, another doctor will act on his behalf. You can schedule an appointment if you cannot wait until your doctor is back in the office. Check-ups or regular appointments will be canceled in this case.

At Roodenburg general practice, doctor E.G. Roelofs is one of the replacement doctors. She will be working for doctor Haring on Tuesday mornings, for doctor Buddingh on Wednesdays en for doctor Kramer on Thursdays.

Doctor H. Wisse

GenerAl Practitionar in training

 At Roodenburg general practice we help in the training of doctors to become a general practitionar. From april 2020 untill april 2021 our GP in trainining is doctor H. Wisse


Extra support

At Huisartsen Centrum Roodenburg, support practitioners (Praktijk Ondersteuners Huisarts – POH) are available for the doctors. They will monitor and mentor patients that deal with chronic conditions, such as asthma, COPD, and diabetes. For mental conditions, a specialist support practitioner is available.

The POH’s at Roodenburg are:

  • Constanza Opdam (diabetes and cardiovasculair diseases)
  • Lianne van Dam (mental health)
  • Joana Lagarto (diabetes and cardivascular diseases)