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Your family doctor in Leiden

Roodenburg general practice is a young practice, located in the centre of Leiden. Our centre houses three family doctor’s practices and multiple assistants and nurses. With our active and dedicated team, we aim to provide the best care.

About our practice

Our practice is located in the heart of Leiden, in the Netherlands. We are open every weekday, from 8.00 am until 17.00 pm. If you wish to make an appointment, you can call our assistant at +31 71 516 04 90. Prefer to choose your date and time yourself? We recommend you make an appointment online or withe the app MedGemak on your phone. If you wish to make an appointment for the same day, make sure you call before 10 a.m. and we will do our best to schedule you for the same day.

Our assistants support the work of our family doctors. They are also available for small procedures. Those include injections, unclogging ears, removing stitches, blood exam and more. Call them to make an appointment. Through our assistant, you can also apply for a home visit by your family doctor. Please call our practice before 10.00 a.m. to arrange this.

Extra options at your family doctor

Besides the general practice, our doctors are certified to provide for driver licencense check-ups and medical examinations for divers. Please contact us for more information.

Other healthcare professionals are also available on the premises. Psychologists, fysiotherapists and Pharmacy “De Aloë” is housed in the same building and easily accessible. Therefore, it’s simple to get your prescription filled or a treatment.

Frequently asked questions about our practice

Do I need a general practitioner?

Almost everybody in the Netherlands is registered with a general practice/family doctor. He or she is your access to the Dutch healthcare. If you are staying in Leiden it is advised that you register with a general practice.

I am not registered, can I make an appointment for a consultation?

If you need a consultation with an doctor during your visit to Leiden, please contact our practice for availability.

Consultations need to be paid directly in cash. In most cases you can reclaim with your health insurance.

What can a general practitioner do for me?

A general practitioner is trained to treat many illnesses and injuries. If necessary, he can refer you to one of the medical specialists in the hospital or other (para)medical professionals.

What does a consultation with a general practitioner cost?

If you have Dutch health insurance your visit to us is fully covered. Certain procedures, prescribed medication, blood tests etc. are settled with your obligatory own risk.

If you do not have a Dutch health insurance you need to pay in cash or by invoice. In most cases you can reclaim with your health insurance.

There are different rates for drivers license checkups, diving examinations etc. Look at the dutch website version for the most accurate rates or contact our assistant.

Please contact us for the rates.

How much time does a consultation take?

For a single consultation we schedule 10 minutes and this is usually enough to discuss one question. Do you have more questions or do you think that you will need more time? Please tell our assistant when you make the appointment.

Where do I need to go if the practice is closed?

If you have an medical emergency that can not wait untill our practice is open, you can contact the emergency doctors service SHR at +31900- 5138039. If necessary, they can schedule an appointment for you.

Do you make house calls?

We can do a home visit if you are unable to come to our practice because of your medical condition. This will be assessed by our staff.

My question is not listed

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail. 

Make an appointment

Already a patient at Roodenburg general practice? Simply make an appointment with your family doctor online. Choose your preferred date and time with our online scheduling system.

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